Our goal is to match the ideal caregiver to the individual client needs. We like to have the opportunity to meet with the client, and their loved ones if appropriate, before we commence services to assess their homecare requirements and allow an opportunity for the client to express their wishes and desires. Having the benefit of a little time to choose the correct caregiver(s) from the start allows us to provide the most important aspect of homecare – Consistency of Care.

In Home Assessment

At Shylo we strive to meet the individual client's needs through an initial and ongoing assessment. A Nursing Supervisor will attend the home and meet with all involved parties as we work together to organize an appropriate support system for the client. The first area of concern is medical needs and the corresponding level of support required. With your consent, we review your previous medical history as well as your current needs and desires to create a Care Plan appropriate for your individual circumstances.

Information is then gathered with respect to the client's personal preferences in order to arrange appropriate staffing: i.e. language spoken; food preparation and cooking skills to meet specific menus and/ cultural/dietary needs; driving and vehicle availability; the required day(s) and hours of care that best suit the client. Once we have determined all these factors we are able to provide the right Caregiver--and continuity of care--to support the client in their time of need.

We can work with the client or their legal representative to set up any medical equipment necessary for the home. Often something as simple as a handrail in the bathtub, or a commode at the bedside, will promote the client’s independence and greatly reduce their risk of injury.

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Below are some articles requested by past and current clients; we have included them here as they may be of interest to you.

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As time goes by the client may require more or less care than originally anticipated; this is never a problem. We are very flexible and can re-organize our Caregivers and/or hours of care to meet any new requirements. Should it be necessary for a client to move into residential care, Shylo can offer continued support through private companionship and Added Care services.

If after your assessment you decide not to hire Shylo at this time, we are still happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to your home care options. We know how overwhelming it can be when you’re suddenly faced with a health crisis and how confusing ‘the system’ can be for those not familiar with it - we have always viewed ourselves as advocates for all the seniors in our community, not just our clients.

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